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    • "Knowledge of man is the basis of all success"

      Charlie Chaplin


    • You are unique

      Understand yourself - Understand others - Understand your environment

      Invest in yourself

      Do you take care of yourself?


      Nobody else than yourself can live your life.


      Genetics, upbringing, experiences, beliefs, fears, skills make who you are.


      Understanding and taking care of who you are will help you be at peace, make the right decisions, and be performant.



    • My name is Johann Kennel and I am a French profiler and performance coach.


      I live in San Diego since 2018 where I work mostly with a professional soccer team as Head of Performance.


      My purpose is to be part of people's journey to self-awareness by communicating what their body tell about them.


      As a coach, my work is to connect you to who you are so you can use the maximum of your potential