• Word from the field

    "It is crazy that no one ever told us this before!"


    Performance Training with Rio Mavuba and Edouard Cisse, Former French National Team Players, for a TV show on Canal+, French national TV.

    "I felt an instant difference doing my drills and I feel that it will make a difference in my game performance."


    Performance Training with Yeni N'Gbakoto, Guingamp Player

    "Johann and Mehdi taught me to rethink football. They gave me tools to progress and have a greater impact on the game. ...they mainly looked for ways to make me more available and allow me to create speed as often as possible."


    Onze Mondial Interview with Loic Damour, Cardiff City (PremierLeague) Player

    "I had the chance to have Johann by my side as a coach. He prepared me both physically and mentally to the challenges I had to face in the future, in a more creative and innovative way possible. His outstanding ability to listen and his profound knowledge in the field allowed me to grow up faster and daily I find his tips incredibly useful."


    Loucas, 18 years old

    Ilustration picture


    "I have worked with other personal development specialists before. Johann has been among the ones who really helped me moving forward. I understand better who I am and what is leading me, both personally and professionally.

    Johann also profiled my husband and my son to help us live harmoniously; allowing us to understand better each other’s needs.

    I appreciate Johann’s approach because he is not focused on one person or one method. His goal is to consider people interacting with you and your environment to come up with realistic and easy solutions to implement to live in harmony with your family and at work.
    We have used different tools, each of them bringing something new.

    Johann is intuitive. He understands things that are sometimes hard to verbalize.

    If you are ready to move forward and get a better understanding of who you are, I warmly recommend Johann!"



    Axelle, 43 years old, 3 children (illustration picture)

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