• Do you feel powerless wasting time and money on poor youth soccer training?

      I can tell you why, but you won’t like it…


      First, the Youth soccer system is not helping your kid. The clubs and coaches need to make money and don’t get any reward in developing kids.


      Did you know that the latest research in neurosciences shows that playing and getting rewards are the best way to develop someone’s brain, neural system?


      Are you sure the coaches you are paying know how to develop good soccer players? Most drills I see are rondos, passing drills, slalom, shooting…


      Do you know that a player has an average of 3 minutes of the ball in a 90 minutes game?


      So, what is he doing the 87 minutes he doesn’t have the ball?


      Does your coach make your kid work on his game off the ball? How to play with space and rhythm?


      He is preparing, preparing the best conditions to get the ball and execute his plan. He creates space to shoot for example…


      Most coaches make you work on your shots, great! But they never tell you how to be in the right conditions to do a great shot.


      So, what are you doing to help your kid be successful? Are you sure it’s good for him, or like 99% of parents you are holding them back with beliefs like:


      “My kid does not have enough playing time”

      “My kid is not on the ball enough”

      “My kid’s teammates are not good enough”



      If you are willing to give the best chances to your kid to be successful, I am working on a webinar


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