• Looking for something different to have a chance to go pro?

      It is not easy to go pro when you see how many kids have this dream


      What is good for you is that only few of them know the secret


      Most coaches, parents and players still think that we play soccer with our feet


      WRONG! Pro players play soccer with their brain.


      Good news! I teach players and coaches how to use their brain to get THE competitive advantage!

    • Most players spend all their time working on technical skills. They think the more touches they have with the ball, the more chances they have to make it.


      They are wrong!




      What is the difference between an average and a top player?


      Both of them can dribble make great passes and shots... So, what is it?


      Difference is top players make better decisions at great speed!

    • I am building an online training called 'Play soccer with your brain" to give you the keys to understand the game better, improve your speed of thoughts and develop your decision making process.


      Courses will be based on video analysis of youth players, amateur and pro players.



      What you will learn


      · How to get the ball more often

      · How to create space and time to make better decisions

      · How to get the ball in great condition so you can show your skills

      · How to be unpredictable

      · How to create speed for your team and be a difference maker

      · How to be more confident in soccer and in life


    • Who I am?

      Johann Kennel, Performance Expert

      My passion is developing people and youth soccer players so they can be confident being who they are and able to reach their goals.


      My expertise is to detect your innate strengths through body testing. Like being left or right footed, our body has many preferences that you want to use to get results saving energy.


      I was or am still part of developing pro players in Europe... see below


      I came to the US from France to be the performance coach of a pro team. Waiting for the club to start, I coached some youth players and decided to launch this training.


      I helped Loïc Damour move from 3rd level in France to English Premier League in 3 years.


      This is what he said about me:


      "Johann taught me to rethink football. He gave me tools to progress and have a greater impact on the game practiced by my team. ...they mainly looked for ways to make me more available and allow me to create speed as often as possible."


      Onze Mondial Interview with Loic Damour, Cardiff City Player (PremierLeague)

      I helped Maxime Do Couto move from 5th level in France to 1st level in Ukraine in 1 year.


      This is what he says about me:


      "Johann and I spend a lot of time analyzing my games. Because he knows my innate preferences, he is able to give me appropriate tools to better manage space and speed to make me more impactful game after game"

      I coached Melvin Bard twice a year from 2014 to 2017 during camps with 4 other players.


      Melvin now trains with the pro team of Lyon and plays for the U19 French National Team

      I coached Diego, US Soccer Development Academy player, the past 9 months. Here is what Michael, his dad says about my work:


      "Johann has helped my son bring more speed of play to his game: he reads things faster than he did before, makes better decisions and is faster about it, and understands himself as a player much better. This has helped him improve his game at a faster rate than at any other time in life. What he has learned is practical so he shows on the field at every game"

      I would be happy to send you more testimonies from parents or players that I work with...



      Below, you can watch 2 documentaries about my work with pro players broadcasted by the 2 biggest sport channels in France