Your Myers-Briggs profile in 10 minutes body testing / No questionnaire

    • Most people struggle to achieve their goals because they don’t know who they really are.


      I test people’s body to reveal the strengths they can rely on to be happy and successful.

    • Have you done Myers-Briggs test?

      Do you know that 80% of tests via questionnaire lead to a wrong profile?

      It is because a lot of cognitive bias have an impact on how we answer a question.

      This is why this kind of test can not be accurate.


      I test the body because the body can't lie!


      Want to try it?

    • What is the value of being tested?

      Each and everyone of us is different

      Our mind, body and brain are connected!


      We are born with preferences like being left or right handed and

      we have many more we are not aware of...


      When you use your preferences, you get aligned with who you are deeply...

    • My name is Johann Kennel and I am a French profiler and performance coach.


      I live in San Diego since 2018 where I work mostly with a professional soccer team as Head of Performance.


      My purpose is to be part of people's journey to self awareness by communicating what their body tell about them.


      As a coach, my work is to connect you to who you are so you can use the maximum of your potential