• Discover your natural formula to interact with your world

    Training take place in San Diego, California - April 13, 2019

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    For individuals

    $399 - Introduction price!

    Have you ever realized that someday, everything comes to you with ease and that some other days, no matter what, you struggle?


    Like being left or right handed, our body and brain have related preferences that make each one us unique.


    Through simple body balance tests, you will realize how your innate preferences impact your interactions and your communication.


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  • Discover your natural golf swing

    Training take place in San Diego, California - April 4, 2019

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    For golfers

    $599 - Introduction price!

    Is your golf swing more consistent when your posture has important angles?


    Are you more stable when you keep your left eye or right eye on the ball?


    Is it efficient to create a huge dissociation between your hips and your shoulders?


    How do you explain that you can score 85 one day and 100 the following day?


    Actually, your authentic golf swing is based on your body innate preferences. You want to know them and use them to get ease of performance.


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