• What is your game missing to get you to the next level ?

  • Many players don't truly know what their strengths and weaknesses are

    Want to know yours ?

    My job is to help you know yourself better to be more successful on and off of the pitch.

    By reading your body and analyzing your games, I can tell you how to better use your strengths and be faster in every aspect of your game.



    Speed is the cutting edge

    In most sports, speed is they key to unbalance the opposing player and team. I am not only talking about the speed of movement, but also the speed of perception, the speed of decision-making, and others.


    The best players are the ones able to increase their team's speed with great decisions.



    Have you noticed that some days you are just "off"?

    This is often affected by pressure and fatigue. Your strengths become your weaknesses at this point.

    I will give you the input you need to return to ease of performance.

  • Fields of intervention

    Soccer players


    Desire to go pro? Are you a current pro who wants the next level? Want a college scholarship?


    Through individual training sessions and game analysis, I will give you the tools to get there.

    Soccer Clubs/Teams


    When you better understand your players, your team will succeed. I specialize in the sport of soccer.

    Other sports


    I will give you input on your players' strengths and weaknesses, and allow you to apply these specifically to your sport.



    I do talks on the topic :

    "How to personalize coaching based on the player's preferences"


    This is great for coaching organizations, clubs, and parents.

  • Testimony

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    "Johann taught me to rethink football. He gave me tools to progress and have a greater impact on the game practiced by my team. ...they mainly looked for ways to make me more available and allow me to create speed as often as possible."


    Onze Mondial Interview with Loic Damour, Cardiff City Player (PremierLeague)

  • "It's crazy that no one ever told us this stuff before!"

    Performance Training with Rio Mavuba and Edouard Cisse, Former French National Team Players, for a TV show on Canal+, French national TV.

  • Ready to break through? Let's talk...

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