• About me

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    Hi, my name is Johann Kennel and I live in San Diego, California.


    I coach leaders, top sports teams, elite athletes, students, professionals, and individuals how to be aware of their inherent behavioral styles and decision-making processes, and to then harness this new knowledge to maximize performance.

  • Approach

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    My approach is unique in the sense that I use your physical body responses to simple stimuli to identify your personal formula. Your formula is the behavioral preferences unique to you. The preferences that are displayed through your body language offer insights into who you are, how you understand and make sense of the world, and what your essential needs and motivations are.


    While the modern world has developed a variety of self-assessments that assign you to specific behavioral domains, many of them are limited by nature of their design and your personal bias. However, your physical responses are a true and non-manipulated form of self-expression that provide insight about your natural state of existing and performance. 


    The end result is a more complete understanding of the complex person you are.

  • How it works

    Knowing your formula helps me coach you towards functioning at your peak. I use techniques to help you understand your natural preferences which allows you to operate in a way that promotes your strengths. In times of stress or fatigue, understanding what I teach you becomes even more crucial as you attempt to regain clarity and ease of performance.


    Every one of our engagements are customized, as you learn how to get the best out of yourself and bring the best out in others. Together we will…


    Discover your formula

    for success

    Bring untapped strengths to the surface

    Be your best at work & home

  • Background

    I was trained in France for 5 years under Ralph Hippolyte, who is the the internationally known co-founder of a novel approach called ActionTypes. In 2018, the ownership group of the new San Diego professional soccer franchise 1904 FC, who includes such professionals as Eden Hazard, Demba Ba and Moussa Sow, brought me to the U.S. to serve as the Special Talents Development Coach. I have vast experience working with organizations, leaders, coaches, parents and athletes on performance improvement techniques.


    Many current studies in the neurosciences have proven the connection between the mind and the body. If you want to know more, see work by the following authors:


    [Jung, Lowen, Sohier, Sperry, Denys-Struyff, Berthoz, Niednagel, Briggs Myers, Pribram, Benziger, Hippolyte...

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